Questionnaire/ Survey Results

We received 10.97% of our questionnaires back from parents in our recent evaluation.  

All of the responses indicated extremely positive opinions of Hopscotch and the staff team. We have had a couple of comments which are detailed below:


Parents commented that our staff are “Very friendly and welcoming” “all our staff are approachable and friendly to parents and children”. You also said you feel “that you are able to ask and tell staff things as and when you need to”. 

Please feel free to look at our notice board which tells you more about us and if you have time for a chat that would be great.


Our parents have said that communication about what their children have been doing at Hopscotch is very good. Some parents have shown an interest in seeing photos of what their children have been doing. We do have a display board in the playroom and a planning book in the reception area which contains photos of what the children have been doing recently. Also remember every half-term we release our newsletter “On The Hop” which is available in our reception area, by email and on our website. 


Our menus are heavily influenced by what the children would like to have for their snack. So we were very happy to see that both the parents and children are happy with the varied and healthy menu we have made for them. We will continue to ask the children for their ideas when updating our snack menus. Our menu is available to view on our website and on the notice board in the reception area. 

1 parent indicated to us that they would like to have more snack for their children. We do feel we have to weigh this up against any additional cost increase to all parents bearing in mind other positive opinions - however, in light of this we will be adding a rolling fruit/veg snack thought the session for children to graze, in addition to the after-school snack.


Parents feel that there are plenty of resources available at Hopscotch for their children. We were very glad to hear that you like that play “is lead by what they want to do” and that we “ask the children about what they like”. 

Parents feel that Hopscotch provides a lot of resources which contribute to the children enjoying their time with us with some parents even saying their children “complain when they can’t come”.

Moving forward

All of our parents have said that they would recommend Hopscotch to others, for lots of different reasons, which is extremely nice to hear and means that all of our hard work does not go unnoticed. We therefore strive to keep our setting moving forwards at this standard, and will continue to work with you and your children to allow this to happen. 

Thank you once again for sharing your thoughts, ideas and wonderful comments. Encouraged by your responses, we will push forward in 2019/20 to even further exceed your expectations.

Kind regards,


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